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Orlando, Florida, is a world-renowned destination for family vacations, offering an extraordinary array of theme parks, attractions, and experiences suitable for all ages. When planning a visit to these popular attractions, it’s essential to consider accessibility features. With a wheelchair van rental, families can easily navigate Orlando and explore the city’s many family-friendly destinations together.

If you want to enjoy family-friendly attractions in Orlando, look no further. We’ll highlight some of the top accessible, family-friendly attractions, providing families utilizing a wheelchair van rental with exciting and inclusive experiences catering to all visitors. By choosing attractions with accessibility in mind, families can ensure that every member of their group can participate in the fun and create unforgettable memories together.

With Florida Van Rentals’ premium service, a diverse range of wheelchair-accessible vehicles, and unbeatable pricing, families can enjoy a stress-free and comfortable vacation experience in Orlando. Allow us to guide you through the best accessible, family-friendly attractions in the Sunshine State and provide the support and resources needed to create an incredible vacation experience that the entire family will cherish.

Enjoying Family-Friendly Attractions in Orlando with a Wheelchair Van Rental

1. Walt Disney World Resort: The Happiest Place on Earth for Everyone

Walt Disney World Resort is renowned for its commitment to creating magical experiences for guests of all abilities. With a focus on accessibility and inclusivity, each of the four theme parks – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom – offers a wealth of opportunities for families with a wheelchair van rental.

To prepare for your visit, check the Walt Disney World Resort website for detailed information on accessibility features, including wheelchair-accessible rides, companion-assisted restrooms, and designated wheelchair and scooter rental locations. By utilizing services like the Disability Access Service (DAS), wheelchair users can comfortably and conveniently navigate attractions, entertainment, and dining options throughout Walt Disney World Resort.

2. LEGOLAND Florida Resort: A Brick-tastic Experience for All

LEGOLAND Florida Resort is a fantastic destination for families with children aged 2-12, offering dynamic attractions, interactive exhibits, and entertaining shows. With its commitment to accessibility, the park is an excellent choice for families visiting with a wheelchair van rental.

Before your visit, review the accessibility guide available on the LEGOLAND Florida Resort website, which provides helpful information on wheelchair-accessible attractions, restrooms, and parking areas. With accessible pathways and clearly signposted ride access points, wheelchair users can easily navigate the park and enjoy a fun-filled day at LEGOLAND Florida Resort.

3. Gatorland: An Accessible Adventure in the Florida Wilderness

Gatorland is a unique wildlife preserve that offers an unforgettable encounter with Florida’s most iconic resident: the alligator. With accessibility features such as wheelchair-accessible paths, restrooms, and shows, families utilizing a wheelchair van rental can truly immerse themselves in this thrilling Florida attraction.

Gatorland’s accessible boardwalk allows visitors to safely view alligators and crocodiles up close, while the wheelchair-friendly Gatorland Express train ride takes guests on a scenic tour through the preserve. With these inclusive features, Gatorland is a fantastic destination for families seeking an exciting and accessible adventure.

4. The Crayola Experience: Unleash Your Creativity in a Colorful, Accessible Environment

The Crayola Experience at the Florida Mall is a vibrant, interactive attraction that invites visitors of all abilities to explore the world of color and creativity. Spread across two wheelchair-accessible floors, families visiting with a wheelchair van rental can easily navigate the world of Crayola, where personal expression and imagination take center stage.

Wheelchair users have access to all areas of the Crayola Experience, including numerous hands-on activities, a live show, and even a wheelchair-friendly playground. The venue also offers complimentary wheelchairs on a first-come, first-served basis. By planning a visit to the Crayola Experience, families can create colorful memories together in an inclusive and accessible environment.

Discover Accessible Orlando Attractions with Florida Van Rentals

Orlando, Florida, offers an incredible range of accessible, family-friendly attractions that ensure all visitors can enjoy a memorable vacation regardless of their abilities. By choosing a wheelchair van rental, families are equipped to explore the city’s numerous attractions with comfort and ease.

We take pride in providing exceptional service, an extensive selection of high-quality wheelchair-accessible vans, and affordable rates to ensure that your Orlando vacation is everything you’ve dreamt of and more. Visit our website to reserve the ideal wheelchair van rental for your family vacation, and embark on a magical journey through the world of accessible Orlando attractions.

Experience the wonder, excitement, and possibilities of Orlando’s top family-friendly attractions with the wheelchair accessible van rental in Orlando provided by Florida Van Rentals. Create lasting memories, share remarkable experiences, and achieve the ultimate Orlando adventure together with your loved ones.