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We ordered a back loading WC van several months in advance. I’m a local resident picking up for a friend in an electric wheelchair. Upon arrival, van was incorrect, it was a side ramp.
At Wally Park, ramp would NOT deploy correctly. We pushed all the buttons as prompted. Ramp got stuck, door got stuck. We had to pull the door with all our might to close it. Office was NO help. They offered a refund of our money and we were to go find another van. That would not be possible! We dealt with the issue. One night, van took 20 times to close the door. It was a Toyota Sienna, 58,000. Come Wednesday, a bunch of debris fell out all over the ramp. Not to mention, it had been raining for 5 days straight. This company needs to do a better job cleaning their vans. Especially since there are handicapped customers using their services!
You can do a better job—shame on you!