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Read the scam contract before renting from this place. I didn’t even rent and they got to keep my money. They give you a lifetime credit just for booking and canceling at 10 days. They don’t pick up at the airport so it’s not convenient if you are in a wheelchair. Being the reason I canceled. This place is the true definition of a scam. they will always say you are always welcome to use the credit! Who would be dumb enough to use the credit? Definitely not an honest company like enterprise because this company doesn’t make money unless they are scamming you. How many bad reviews do they need for people to realize all they care about is money. And take advantage of people with disabilities. Unfortunately you get stuck dealing with these back woods people because good companies don’t supply wheelchair vans. This is why these back woods people get away with blatant theft. I’ll take a loss of $600 considering once you have the van, I could only imagine the scam charges you incur. These people are very good at one thing, scamming people with disabilities. What goes around comes around…and it will