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Orlando, known for its world-famous theme parks, vibrant culture, and an abundance of exciting attractions, makes for an ideal location to host a family reunion. With so much to see and do, organizing and coordinating transportation for a large group can seem challenging. Fortunately, Florida Van Rentals offers a variety of comfortable, spacious, and reliable vehicles, including passenger vans and minibusses, that help take the stress and hassle out of planning a family reunion in Orlando.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of renting and using Florida Van Rentals’ vehicles for your family reunion in Orlando. We will discuss important factors, such as fees and tools, along with practical advice for ensuring a smooth rental experience. Additionally, our focus will be on providing valuable vacation tips and family-friendly activities that are a must-try for reunion groups in Orlando. By showcasing the importance of efficient group transportation, we hope to inspire you to choose Florida Van Rentals for a truly memorable family gathering in the City Beautiful.

Selecting a vehicle from Florida Van Rentals’ wide range of options – including 8-passenger, 12-passenger, and 15-passenger vans, as well as handicap van rentals and minibusses – guarantee that your entire family can travel together in comfort and style. Moreover, reaching Orlando’s various attractions becomes hassle-free, allowing you to focus on creating priceless memories with your loved ones. Trust Florida Van Rentals with your family reunion transportation needs, and experience the magic of Orlando as you come together to celebrate the bond of family.

Planning the Perfect Family Reunion in Orlando with Florida Van Rentals

1. Selecting the Right Vehicle for Your Family Reunion

Before renting a vehicle for your family reunion, consider your group’s size, preferences, and specific transportation needs. Florida Van Rentals offers various options, including 8-passenger, 12-passenger, and 15-passenger vans, along with handicap van rentals and minibusses. By choosing the right vehicle, you ensure that everyone in your family can travel comfortably and safely to and from Orlando’s attractions.

2. Navigating the Rental Process

Florida Van Rentals makes the rental process as seamless as possible. Visit their website to view vehicle availability, obtain a quote, and make a reservation. Be sure to reserve your preferred vehicle well in advance, particularly during peak travel seasons. Additionally, gather the necessary documentation, such as a valid driver’s license, proof of auto insurance, and a credit card, to ensure a smooth pick-up experience.

3. Understanding Rental Fees and Added Services

Familiarize yourself with Florida Van Rentals’ fee structures to help with budget planning. Their competitive pricing includes base prices, taxes, and potential additional services. Consider optional amenities, such as GPS navigation devices, child safety seats, or extended insurance coverage, to tailor your rental experience to your family’s specific needs.

4. Preparing for Safe and Fun Family Travel in Orlando

As you explore Orlando with your family reunion group, prioritize safety and comfort throughout your journey. Ensure the designated driver is experienced, well-rested, and familiar with local traffic laws. Equally important, make sure your rental vehicle offers necessary accessibility features and adheres to safety standards.

Orlando Family Reunion Activities: Enjoying the City’s Best Attractions

1. Theme Park Fun for All Ages

Orlando is home to world-famous theme parks that cater to family members of all ages. Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld offer countless experiences for the whole family, from thrilling rides to captivating shows. Renting a vehicle from Florida Van Rentals allows you to conveniently access these attractions and create lasting memories together.

2. Outdoor Adventure and Exploration

Orlando also offers various outdoor activities and natural attractions for the entire family to enjoy. Explore the beauty of Central Florida with a visit to Wekiwa Springs State Park, which features clear spring waters, scenic hiking trails, and picnic spots. Alternatively, rent a paddleboat or go on a scenic boat tour at Lake Eola Park, located in the heart of downtown Orlando.

3. Enriching Cultural Experiences

For a family reunion that includes enriching cultural experiences, visit The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art, known for its extensive collection of Louis Comfort Tiffany works, or delve into history at the Orange County Regional History Center. Renting a vehicle from Florida Van Rentals ensures easy access to these cultural attractions, adding depth and meaning to your family getaway.

4. Unique Dining and Shopping Experiences

Enjoy a memorable family dining experience at one of Orlando’s unique and family-friendly restaurants. The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen treats guests to delicious dishes and decadent desserts in a steampunk-inspired atmosphere. For a memorable shopping experience, visit Disney Springs, featuring an array of shops, dining options, and entertainment that the whole family will love.

Maximizing Your Family Reunion with Florida Van Rentals

1. Create a Custom Itinerary

Carefully plan your family reunion itinerary to ensure everyone has ample time to bond, explore, and enjoy Orlando’s attractions. Keep everyone in the loop with a detailed schedule, and allow for flexibility to accommodate last-minute changes or surprise discoveries.

2. Foster Group Bonding During Travel Time

With a passenger van or minibus from Florida Van Rentals, travel time becomes a valuable opportunity for family bonding. Encourage conversation, games, or shared experiences while on the road to strengthen relationships and create unforgettable memories.

3. Capture the Memories

Document your family reunion experience with photos, videos, and journal entries, so you can revisit the memories and share them with future generations. Encourage family members to contribute their perspectives and compile a shared keepsake, such as a photo album or memory book.


Organizing a family reunion in Orlando becomes significantly easier and more enjoyable with Florida Van Rentals. With their wide range of vehicles catering to various group sizes and preferences, your entire family can travel together in comfort and style to enjoy Orlando’s best attractions. Whether you’re seeking theme park thrills, outdoor adventures, or enriching cultural experiences, let Florida Van Rentals facilitate the transportation for your memorable family reunion in the City Beautiful.

Make your family reunion in Orlando a breeze with a spacious passenger van or minibus rental from Florida Van Rentals. Book your perfect vehicle now and experience a fun and unforgettable gathering in the heart of Florida’s hospitality.